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Why Sales Tax?

As the City of Ashland continues to grow at a rapid pace, the funding mechanism of property tax for public safety and infrastructure struggle to keep up.  A solid public infrastructure and quality services are the foundation for residents and our business community.

Residents living outside the city limits travel through town and use Ashland’s main thoroughfares and public services.  They ought to, through sales tax, pay a share towards the maintenance of city streets.  Sales tax is the most equitable mechanism in our community to assess the maintenance cost of public infrastructure and services to the users.  A sales tax is the most stable, equitable way to fund the maintenance of public infrastructure for our growing community.

If this sales tax passes, the City of Ashland will roll back the property tax rate for Ashland residents.


Click the links below to learn more about the ballot language and how the majority of sales tax revenue comes from those living outside the city limits of Ashland. 

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